UPDATE, 11AM WEDNESDAY: Child rescued from car after crash in Sutterton

Road accident
Road accident

One patient was taken to hospital after a two-car collision in Sutterton yesterday (Tuesday) which saw a child rescued from a car.

The accident, between a car and a truck, was at 2.21pm at the Spalding Road junction in Sutterton.

One patient – not believed to be the child – was taken to Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital.

TUESDAY, 5.46PM:Firefighters used specialist cutting equipment to rescue a child from the back of a car after an accident in Sutterton this afternoon.

Crews used mini-cutters to remove a child seat from the rear of a car and free the young passenger after the accident on the Spalding Road just before 3pm.

Crews from Donington and Spalding attended and also used special equipment to stem a fuel leak from one of the cars.