UPDATE: Burst water main in Boston has been isolated and repairs started

Burst water main in Boston town centre.
Burst water main in Boston town centre.

Anglian Water has confirmed it has isolated and started repairs on a burst water main which has caused misery for motorists across the town and left thousands of properties affected today (Thursday).

A spokesman for the water company said engineers were now working with the council to get the road repaired.

They said they had finished repairing the pipe and everyone who had been affected by the main should be back on now.

They will now look to repair the affected road and pathway.

A statement from the company earlier said: “We’re very sorry customers in Boston have had low pressure or no water early this afternoon. This was because of a burst on one of the large water mains that feed the town.

“We know this will have been disruptive, and we’re very sorry for this. Our teams have worked to stop the water escaping and pressure will now be gradually returning to normal.

“When the water returns to customers’ taps it may look cloudy or discoloured initially. This is quite normal after a burst and running the tap should clear it. This water can still be used for watering plants.

“Getting everyone back on water is our absolute priority and we are very grateful to customers for their patience.”

Thursday, 12.28pm - A burst water main in Boston Town centre is causing problems today (Thursday).

Anglian Water is aware of the burst main, reported to be at the John Adams Way end of Wide Bargate.

An incident log on the services website says: “We’re realy sorry but some customers in Boston may have very low water pressure or no water at all.

“We’ve got a burst main in your area that we’re working hard to get fixed, so that we can get your supply back to normal as soon as possible.”

They say work should be completed by 3pm.

Residents and businesses are also said to be receiving phone calls from Anglian Water about the issue.

A spokesman confirmed the incident was reported to them at about noon and that an engineer was on site and looking to isolate the pipes.

Emergency services are managing traffic around the area.

Drivers are advised to avoid the Wide Bargate area in Boston. If drivers don’t need to be in Boston, from the north, they should head south via the B1184 at Sibsey, B1192 Langrick Road, the A52 and A17, and vice versa for traffic heading south to north.