UPDATE: Engineers stop water from escaping site at ‘high pressure’ burst water main in Mareham le Fen

The burst water main in Mareham le Fen. Photo: @desktopgamer
The burst water main in Mareham le Fen. Photo: @desktopgamer

Anglian Water engineers have ‘successfully stopped’ water escaping from a burst water main on the A155 between Mareham le Fen and Revesby this morning (Friday).

A spokesman for the company confirmed the burst was reported to them at 6am adding, ‘our teams have now successfully stopped the water escaping’ from the ‘high pressure leak’.

They said said: “Visible leaks like this one are quite rare, and our engineers responded quickly to get to site, re-route water around the damaged section of pipe to stop the leak, and will now start the repair.

“No customers are off water as a result, although there may be a few instances of lower than normal pressure to homes in the area. We are sorry for this and will be working to complete the repair and get everything back to normal as soon as we can.

“The spray coming from the pipe was not impacting the road, but we would urge drivers to take care until it fully dries.”

Friday, 9.29am - Engineers are on site at a burst water main in Mareham le Fen.

Anglian Water has confirmed they were aware of the burst, but had not had reports of anyone without water due to the issue so far.

Twitter user @desktopgamer was in the area and tweeted a picture to the paper saying: “Burst water main at Mareham Le Fen - been like that for at least two hours. Anglian Water vans there now.

“Luckily its all going into the field at the moment, otherwise the road would be flooded.

“Don’t know if road will be closing but it’s v close to carriageway.”

The spokesman for Anglian Water said engineers would look to stop the pressure – which they said was between 2-3 bars looking at the ‘quite spectacular geyser’ on the picture – before fixing the problem.