UPDATE: Flood siren ‘malfunction’ in Boston

UPDATE: Environment Agency bosses have confirmed that a siren which woke many people up in Boston yesterday was a county council device.

The flood siren, at a building in Horncastle Road, was sounding out from about 3am to 8am, waking many residents up.

The Environment Agency, police and councils received a number of calls about the siren.

A spokesman for the Environment Agency this morning said: “The Environment Agency does not have any sirens in Boston. The siren in Boston is operated by the local authority.

“We were aware of the incident in Boston on Sunday morning because we received phone calls from members of the public who mistakenly thought it was our siren.

“Our operators then gave the callers the local authority’s telephone number.

“Our policy of raising awareness about floods comes through our three-tiered warning code system, and in extreme cases personal visits to properties.

“There was no flood risk reported by the Environment Agency in Boston while the alarms were going off.”

Sunday, 10am: An old flood warning siren was sounding for hours in Boston this morning.

The Environment Agency took to Twitter to state: “We have no flood alerts in Boston. Old flood siren alarming is malfunction.”

Boston Borough Council and the police were called out to resolve the incident.

The alarm was sounding from the siren building in Horncastle Road.

Reports suggest that the siren was going off for more than five hours, keeping many nearby residents awake.

People have been taking to Twitter to air their frustration at why it took so long to resolve the problem, while another simply Tweeted: “I hope you find that siren for me to rip it out.”

Did the siren keep you awake?