UPDATE: Flower ‘vandal’ turns herself in

This planter outside Cherries of Boston shop in Pen Street was vandalised within hours of being set up
This planter outside Cherries of Boston shop in Pen Street was vandalised within hours of being set up

A woman who has been accused of pulling up flowers planted by volunteers in the run up to the national In-Bloom competition has turned herself in.

A spokesman for Boston Borough Council confirmed they had been contacted by the woman following an appeal earlier today (Tuesday) in which CCTV images of the incident were released.

She has provided the authority with her name and contact details and the incident will be followed up on.

The woman also commented on The Standard’s Facebook page in which she claimed she was drunk and said she was ‘utterly ashamed’ as it was ‘not my style’.

Boston Borough Council says there has been a spate of ‘wanton’ vandalism to the flora which has been planted by volunteers, and sponsored by businesses as part of efforts by the Boston In Bloom team.

The council’s CCTV system has captured clear images of several acts of such vandalism.

Coun Claire Rylott, portfolio holder for grounds and open spaces, said: “Unfortunately there have been some recent incidents of wanton vandalism, with plants being ripped out.

This type of crime makes no sense and will not be tolerated. Please respect the efforts of others who care to provide beauty. And please report anyone you see causing damage.

“I am so supportive of all the hardworking staff and volunteers who bring colour into our market town. Another 20 or so businesses have got on board this year, with 90 hanging baskets ordered and I don’t want them to be dispirited.

“This is very frustrating but we, with our CCTV system, and the police will continue to keep watch and pursue all responsible for such despicable behaviour.”

Boston’s Community Police Inspector Andy Morrice said: “This is a disgrace, I loathe wanton damage, as there’s just no reason for it. To me, if the town looks smart, people start to take pride in it, and crime starts to go down.”

To report vandalism call police non-emergency number 101 or the council on 01205 314318.