UPDATE: Norprint site ‘has gone into insolvency’ say sources from the business


Norprint has reportedly gone into insolvency and Magnadata taken over according to sources close to the firm.

Following the story this afternoon reporting that staff had allegedly been made redundant in a meeting held at the Horncastle Road site further anonymous calls have been received by The Standard with more information about the move.

Once source emailed The Standard to say: “Norprint was declared insolvent and all employees were made redundant with immediate effect this afternoon.”

They said staff ‘were all locked out of the factory building at the 1pm shift changeover and some considerable time later were permitted to collect personal effects and escorted off the premises’.

They said Magnadata staff were addressed separately.

Another told The Standard that Hull-based company Bemrose Booth Paragon, who Magnadata beat to get the UK Rail ticket contract five years ago, had taken over the business.

Bosses at Magnadata are yet to confirm the information but have said a ‘press release’ is due to be issued tomorrow.

Bemrose Booth Paragon have been contacted by The Standard but have yet to reply.

A number of Facebook users have expressed their concern over the way the situation has been dealt with.

Michelle Booth wrote: “It’s a bit bad when someone who’s worked for the company for 37 years has had to find out via Facebook because he’s on annual leave.”

Sonya Coope wrote: “Nice!! I think we all knew it was coming but still nice to be kept informed!!”

She added: “There’s a lot of people whose lives have been turned upside down today, why don’t you think about them for a minute!!”

More as we get it.

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