UPDATE: Ronnie the cat returns after 11 days

The return of Ronnie. The cat pictured back home on the weekend.
The return of Ronnie. The cat pictured back home on the weekend.

A beloved pat cat with a medical condition has returned home after being missing for 11 days.

Ronnie first disappeared on November 17 - leaving his frantic owner Lisa Hollick desperately searching for him.

Have you seen Ronnie the cat?

Have you seen Ronnie the cat?

The three-year-old pet suffers with food allergies and is on medicaltion - so there were real concerns about his welfare.

But in the early hours of Saturday morning, he made a dramatic return.

“Ronnie came home at 4.50am, waking us up with a really loud cry and just wanted food and tickles.

“He seems very happy to be home. He was very clean so either he has been locked in someone’s house and they have returned from holiday or someone dropped him back in the street and he found his way to the house. I suppose we will never know.”

She thanked everyone for their support.

Monday, November 23: An appeal has gone out to locate a much-loved cat which suffers with food allergies.
Ronnie the three-year-old moggy was last seen in Haven Bank area of Boston on Tuesday, November 17.

His distraught owner, who has been out calling him at all hours, says his disappearance has left ‘a huge hole’ in her life.

A cash reward is now being offered for his safe return.

“We are heartbroken and want him home safe,” said owner Lisa Hollick.

“He’s quite timid and does not go to anyone (even for food) but he is a great cat to us and always presents himself for a belly tickle and likes to be brushed. His absence has left a huge hole.”

The large cat suffers with allergies and is on prescription tablets and a special diet so there are concerns he could become ill.

Residents in the Haven Bank, Tower Street and Irby Street area of Boston are urged to check their sheds, garages and outhouses for him.

Lisa originally fostered Ronnie from Lincs Ark after he was abandoned and living as a stray.

She explained: “The vets had to shave him, neuter him and his skin was red raw - he was in a sorry state so we ended up adopting him.

“He then developed allergies and we have been trying to sort this for most of the year.”

Ronnie doesn’t typically travel far when he goes out and has never gone missing before.

Lisa added: “We’ve posted flyers in all the local streets and been back to most to knock to check that everyone has checked their gardens, garages and sheds (and wheelie bins). Posters are up in businesses close by and he’s on many websites plus Facebook and Twitter.

“We have looked in so many places and are out all of the time (at all hours) looking and calling.”

If you can help to find the cat call 07817 048346.