UPDATE: Santa’s visit to Kirton back on


Santa has returned to his visit to Kirton after a collision called his entourage away earlier tonight (Monday).

The tour of the village was called off temporarily as the fire crew which was escorting Father Christmas was called to a collision in Moulton on Seas.

However, they have now returned and the tour will continue - albeit an hour behind schedule.

Firefighter Martyn Taylor told the Standard the crew were still aiming to get around the whole route - meaning they should finish around 9.30pm.

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Monday, 4.54pm - An incident has seen Santa called away from a planned visit to the village of Kirton this evening (Monday).

The jolly man in red was due to tour the village in a fire engine from 4.30pm until 8.30pm to help raise money for charity - however, one of his helpers called The Standard to say that the crew had been called away to an incident and were having to cancel.

Firefighter Martyn Taylor said: “We just pulled up at the first address and there were loads of children outside, but we had to turn around and go.”

He said the crew were looking to reschedule the visit.

A Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue spokesman confirmed the crew had been called to a collision at Moulton Seas End and apologised for the cancellation.

Saturday, 7.39pm - Families in Kirton will be on the lookout for Santa Claus in a fire engine which is heading to the village on Monday.

Santa is joining forces with firefighters from Kirton on a tour around the village between 4.30pm and 8.30pm to help raise money for charity.

Anyone who waves at the engine will be rewarded with free sweets so listen out for the festive music and wave as it goes past.