UPDATE: Staff on site at ‘stuck’ level crossing


Staff are now on site at the A16 level crossing and are manually operating it to allow traffic to pass, according to Network Rail.

The service’s Twitter feed told residents: “Staff are on site working to rectify the fault, apologies for any delays.”

They added: “Staff are on site so they may be operating manually and allowing traffic to pass if it is safe to do so.”

Brylaine Travel have also reassured service users they are working to get services running, tweeting: “Apologies to all passengers for delays. Boston in gridlock due to the barriers being stuck down. We are trying to get services back on line.”

Monday, 9.25am - The level crossing which leads to the docks has become ‘stuck’ down, leading to traffic problems across the town this morning - which engineers on their way to fix the problem have got stuck in.

A Network Rail spokesman said they were called at 8am to the stuck crossing.

They said engineers were on their way, however, they had got stuck in the morning rush hour and were taking longer than expected to get there.

They said: “Engineers will be thee any minute to fix it.”

Police are currently diverting traffic.

Brylaine Travel earlier tweeted: “Sorry everyone. All services in or out of Boston are in total chaos due to the dock crossing being stuck down. Back to normal ASAP.”