UPDATE - Supermarket station runs dry again as motorists rush to the pumps

Thursday, 2.05pm: ASDA’s petrol station in Boston town centre is out of fuel for the second day running.

The store had a delivery last night but has already run dry as the panic at the pumps continues.

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Thursday, 9.30am: BOTH major supermarket petrol stations in Boston have re-opened this morning, after running dry yesterday.

Motorists have reported queues at stations in Eastwood Road and London Road this morning but Tesco at Wyberton Fen and Asda at Lister Way have both re-opened following shortages yesterday afternoon.

Wednesday, 5.45pm: TESCO at Wyberton Fen is due to run out of petrol, with Asda already out of fuel as drivers rush to the pumps across Boston.

It is believed that the Tesco store will have no fuel left by 6pm.

Drivers have reported long queues at Sleaford Road filling station today (see video) and the BP station at Eastwood Road, which is currently out of diesel.

The Asda store in Lister Way is expecting a delivery this evening but is currently out of fuel.

The news comes amid growing fears that tanker drivers will go out to strike. Cabinet Minister Francis Maude today advised drivers to have a jerrycan in the garage just in case.

Prime Minister David Cameron also told the BBC that there is no imminent strike, with the unions needing to give seven days notice, but added: “If there is an opportunity to top up your tank if a strike is potentially on the way, then it is a sensible thing if you are able to do that.”