Urgent help needed for hospital patient set to be homeless when discharged next week

John Matchett
John Matchett

A Lincolnshire charity is appealing for urgent help for a man left homeless and suffering amnesia following a string of unfortunate events.

While in hospital John Matchett had his home - a Romany caravan - and all his possessions stolen.

Shine chief executive officer Charles Cooke - and the charity's logo.

Shine chief executive officer Charles Cooke - and the charity's logo.

He is due to be discharged from hospital early next week and the charity says without alternative accommodation, he could be left to live on the streets.

John, who used to be a familiar sight in Boston, travelling the streets selling locally-sourced vegetables from his caravan, is ready to re-establish his life, after beginning to recover from his unfortunate circumstances.

The charity is crowdfunding to raise £1,000 to get him back to work with his business - and to put down a deposit on a place to stay.

Shine chief executive officer Charles Cooke said: “After receiving several months of hospital care, John is nearly ready to try and get his life and business back on course. However, unless we can get him some help, he is likely to become homeless when he is discharged.

“There is a property available for John, but the problem is, he does not have the necessary deposit, first month’s rent and agency fees. Without these he cannot secure this opportunity. We are worried that, if he does not have a home, he will not be able to get on with his life and restart the business that meant so much to him.”

SHINE has set up a crowdfunding appeal with the aim of raising £1,000 to help John – who is keen to repay any help he receives.

“Our success, will mean John will be able to get back working his old round, with his horse and a trailer, and also start to save money so that he can replace his caravan – after repaying SHINE,” added Mr Cooke. “When we get that money back, we will be making it work even harder, by using it to support other people with mental health problems, through our Staying Well programme.”

He urged people to give whatever they could afford to help John and to respond quickly so that he can move into the home found for him.

Ideally, John would like to return to caravan-living at some point in the future, but he recognises that this is not an option at the moment.

l To donate to the appeal to help John visit: crowdfunding.justgiving.com/John-Matchett