Use water wisely – Anglian Water warns

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BOSTONIANS are being urged to continue using water wisely – despite recent rainfall improving stock river levels in the area.

Anglain Water has admitted that water levels in reservoirs and rivers have responded well to downpours in the past few months, but warned that groundwater levels could remain low for the rest of the year, so conserving water was important.

The current hosepipe ban will reamin in place until the Environment Agency (EA) is ‘absolutely sure’ water supplies are secure.

Peter Simpson, Managing Director of Anglian Water, said: “The possibility of a warm summer and a third dry winter is still a concern for our region. The very wet few weeks we experienced in April followed two exceptionally dry years, and most importantly, two dry winters.

“It was following this prolonged dry period that we introduced the hosepipe ban, and it was not a decision we took lightly. It was an essential step to safeguard water supplies for this year, and next.

“That long, dry spell left water levels in reservoirs, rivers and underground aquifers significantly below normal – and in some cases historically low.

“April’s downpours and May’s average rainfall went quite some way towards replenishing supplies, particularly in our reservoirs. But as the Environment Agency’s report highlights, some groundwater reserves remain under stress.”

A large amount of the water which supplies the Anglian Water region comes from groundwater sources such as aquifiers.