Victim says £100k robbers ‘got what they deserved’

Barney Wood and Jamie Holland
Barney Wood and Jamie Holland

The victim of a £100,000 jewellery heist in Boston has said the robbers ‘got what they deserved’ after they were each jailed for five years.

Stephen ‘Eggy’ James was targeted by Jamie Holland and Barnabas Wood, both 27, as he loaded his van ready for Boston market on November 3, 2012.

As the vehicle was driven away, the 56-year-old clung perilously to the door - but let go when he feared his life was in danger.

Sentencing the pair at Lincoln Crown Court on Thursday, Judge Michael Heath said the grandfather could have been killed.

“I’m pleased they got five years,” Mr James told the Standard. “It’s not long enough in my opinion but it’s good they’ve finally got what they deserved.”

Det Con Gary Dreher described the two men as ‘dangerous individuals’ who deserved to be behind bars.

Speaking about the effect of the robbery, Mr James added: “I will never be the same. I panic when I go out the house.

“When I load my van for the market in the mornings now I always make sure I have four or five mates to help me.”

The Standard spoke with the family after the attack - after which they were back on Boston Market defiantly trading again just days later.

“We got ourselves back on our feet pretty quickly,” said Mr James.

“The amount of people who came up to us during that time to offer their help was unreal. We had no end of people offer us cheques - but I turned them all down.”

Referring to his stolen jewellery, worth £100,000, he added: “It’s long gone. I don’t ever expect we will get that back now. We have got our justice - I couldn’t care less about them now.”

He added: “I want to praise Boston CID and DC Gary Dreher with how they handled things for us.

“I would also like to thank my wife, kids and grandkids for all the support they have given me over the last two years.”