VIDEO: Bearers share the torch experience

IMAGINE getting off a bus and being faced by thousands of people who have turned out to support you as you carry the Olympic torch.

That was the sight which greeted Billy Osborne, Stuart Davidson, Katie Walmsley and Steve Dawson on Wednesday, as they prepared to tackle their leg of the historic relay.

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All were chosen because of their work in the community – and they all modestly agreed it was an honour to be part.

Katie, 13, of Collindale, Boston, said: “My favourite part was going down on the bus and seeing all those people. I didn’t expect there to be as many people.”

Katie was nominated by mum Julie for her charity work, including raising money for Cancer Research.

Stuart, of Allington Garden, Boston, was also chosen for his work towards good causes. He regularly raises money for several charities.

The 54-year-old said: “When we drove through Wrangle and started to get a feel for the crowds it overwhelmed me.

“I suspected it would touch people. It touched me. It was really exciting.”

Stuart added the torch and tracksuit worn for the relay would make a lasting legacy for his son Joel.

Steve, 51, found the experience rather emotional, as he had been nominated along with his best friend Neil Kent, who died in a motorcycle accident last year. The Butterwick resident said: “If I could have carried two torches – one for me and one for him – I would have done.

“It was a privilege to be on the bus from the beginning and see all the people.”

Billy, 21, of Ingram Road, was nominated for his work with sports programme Positive Futures.

He said: “Words can’t describe how I felt looking at all the people who turned out. It was just amazing. I will remember it for the rest of my life.”

In our video, torch bearer Katie Walmsley explains how she felt running through the town centre with the torch.