VIDEO: Can you help to give a new leash of life to a dog like Albie?

YOU would be ‘barking mad’ not to consider giving a laid-back greyhound a loving new home.

That’s the message from local charity The Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust (LGT), who The Standard has teamed up with to help rehome some of the dogs in its care.

The trust takes in retired racing greyhounds and says they make ideal pets – and despite popular belief – do not need much exercise at all.

“They are without doubt one of the laziest dog breeds I know,” said Kevin Stow, chairman of LGT.

“They are generally really chilled out and laid-back and really enjoy sleeping and being fussed.

“They fit into a lot of poeple’s lives and circumstamnces as they really don’t need a huge amount of walking.”

Mr Stow said a number of the dogs get on very well with cats too.

The trust, based in the Boston area, was founded in 2004 and celebrated rehoming its 1,000th dog earlier this year

There are currently 20 retired greyhounds in its care in need of loving new homes, and despite having already rehomed 30 this year, the centre only has space for so many.

“We have a waiting list for our kennels so obviously the more we can rehome, the more we can help,” said Kevin.

“We take in around 120-130 each year so we are constantly looking for loving new homes.”

Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust was originally a branch of the national Retired Greyhound Trust (RGT), but in 2004 became an independent charity, although it still liaises very closely with the RGT.

“Every year since 2006 we have successfully rehomed at least 100 greyhounds and we have been very fortunate to have many terrific helpers over the years,” said Kevin.

The trust does not use the term ‘rescued greyhounds’ as it deals mainly with responsible racing owners and trainers who care for their dogs, but need help to find a new home in their retirement.

However, the trust does also assist various rescue organisations that needs its help.

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