VIDEO: Cheerleaders return with competition victory

Cheerleaders from Boston have been celebrating after collecting a haul of gongs.

Boston United Football Club’s United Cheer Team attended the UKCA Spring National Championships, in Manchester, and brought home hard-won awards.

BUFC Cheerleading team who won an award in Manchester recently.

BUFC Cheerleading team who won an award in Manchester recently.

Head coach Nicola Drummond said the team had been working hard since the end of January and had prepared a number of routines.

She said: “We entered the arena feeling a little nervous but not as nervous as last year.

“This is such a big event, cheerleaders entering from all over the country, including those that have travelled across from Ireland.

“For those that had not taken part in previous years this was a massive stage for them.”

And the teams didn’t let them down with the UCT Buzzy Bees, a group for ages five-seven, being crowned national champions in the Tiny Teenies category at the city’s velodrome.

Nicola said: “With their Madagascar themed routine they wowed the judges and audience.

“This was a complex routine that we knew if we could get them prepared would be a winning routine.”

Also doing well were the UCT Bumble Bees, UCT Queen Bees, and the UCT Little Bees who finished third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Nicola said: “ We had an amazing day setting the tone from the word go.

“Entering into the competition venue, they knew UCT had arrived, we were buzzing!

“We had such a great day that I woke up singing to myself ‘who are, who are, who are we?’”

UCT is part of the United in the Community project and delivers cheerleading sessions at Boston Grammar School for males and females. For more information on the group email

How did the UCT teams score?

Tiny Teenies - UCT Buzzy Bees took first place becoming national chamions.

Masters Section - UCT Bee Amazed, the adult group, finished in ninth place

Senior Section - UCT Queen Bees finished in fourth Place - this group is a small group of cheerleaders ranging from 13-17 years old.
Nicola said: “They put on an amazing show and I am so proud of them. If you are a teenager looking for a hobby come and join us.”

Junior A - UCT Bumble Bees finished in third place with their Men in Black routine.

Teenies - UCT Little Bees finished in fifth place, with a Mary Poppins routine, which included complicated propped manoeuvres.

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