VIDEO: Children in Need Rickshaw visits Sutterton

Matt Baker and the Children in Need rickshaw team have passed through Sutterton as part of their 470-mile route along the East Coast of the UK.

Earlier today (Wednesday), the team passed through Boston Market Place before following the route of the A16 to Sutterton Fourfields Primary School and Sutterton Children’s Centre.

While there One Show presenter Matt and this years challengers 18-year-old Ebony from Bournemouth, Andy and Phoebe who are both from Derbyshire and 18 years-old, Salar from the West Midlands who’s also 18-years-old, 17-year-old Olivia from Edinburgh, and 18-year-old Ross from Sunderland.

Matt told The Standard: “It’s been amazing cycling through Lincolnshire and arriving at Fourfields School today.

“A huge thanks to everyone for coming out and cheering us on, it’s really appreciated and makes another memorable day.

“Please do keep supporting this amazing team.”

They took a break and Matt also saw a fundraiser the children have done making the shape of Pudsey out of pennies.

Today’s route is taking the team from Skegness to Kings Lynn and is the sixth day of the eight day journey.

The video above shows video and pictures from the event.

For more on the Rickshaw Challenge, visit the dedicated web page.