VIDEO: Could this pocket-sized pooch be Britain’s smallest dog?

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She squeaks like a mouse and goes for walkies in a pocket – meet the tiny pet from the Boston area who is shaping up to be Britain’s smallest dog.

And now Lacey the Chihuahua has attracted national attention – with a tabloid newspaper featuring pictures of her.

Sharon Johnstone of Old Leake Commonside with what could be Britain's smallets dog.

Sharon Johnstone of Old Leake Commonside with what could be Britain's smallets dog.

At an unusually-tiny four inches-high, five inches-long and weighing just 420 grams – the pocket-sized pooch is much smaller than expected for her age of 11 weeks.

Comparisons made with others from the same litter show she is almost three times smaller than the biggest.

“We believe she is the smallest dog in Britain,” said owner Sharon Johnstone, from Old Leake Commonside.

“When she growls she just sounds like a cat purring and when she barks she sounds more like a mouse squeaking.

“We can’t find any collars small enough to take her out for a walk and she hates the cold so at the moment, it’s a case of keeping her in pockets – or my bra. We can’t buy coats her size either so we made her a jumper out of a child’s sock.”

Since being featured in The Sun, the mother-of-three has been bombarded with cash offers to buy Lacey – but has turned them all down.

“I wouldn’t want people to breed her for her size,” she said. “She needs extra care being so small. She nearly dided a couple of weeks ago when she had her vaccinations. When I brought her home from the vets she went into shock and became very cold.

“The vet said it could have been because she is so small, but the vaccination dosage is the same for all the puppies.

“I was up all night making sure she was warm and eating. We really thought we would lose her, but she’s okay now.”