VIDEO: Drivers blasted for dangerous driving through busy Boston roads

A screenshot of the video posted by Bill Philps and later published again by Boston Bible.
A screenshot of the video posted by Bill Philps and later published again by Boston Bible.

A video of two drivers making dangerous manoeuvres through the town, including overtaking past a Boston school, has gone viral - with residents lambasting those involved as ‘idiots’.

The video, which was captured by Boston motorist Bill Philps and has been shared almost 200 times from his account, shows a grey Landrover and a white transit van racing down Spilsby and Sibsey Roads overtaking as they go – including outside Boston High School.

In the dashcam footage uploaded on Saturday, one of the men recording the video says ‘he’s had him’, they later say ‘It’s gonna end in tears, I’m telling you’.

The video has also been picked up by public Facebook Group Boston Bible, who published the video again with the heading: “MANIAC DRIVERS RACING. Two Out of control drivers decided to use a well known School road as a race track in a 30 mph limit. Do you know these drivers?”

The video has been shared more than 80 times from that account and residents have been expressing their outrage at the two vehicles actions.

Antonia Sawyer said: “I was driving on this road today with Amelie today! People never think of anyone else and the damage they could do.”

Julie Lewis wrote: “Lost for words there’s all the schools nr there and a playschool,” while Sue Peall adds: “And the Hospital!!”

Sean Anthony Mills wrote: “It’ll be some poor innocent kid they knock over.”

Many people have called on the video taker to make a report to Lincolnshire Police.

However, a spokesman for Lincolnshire Police said there had been no report through their official channels.

They said they were aware of the video but needed further details.

They advised anyone who had seen the incident to call the Lincolnshire Police number 101 to report it.