VIDEO: Is Boston a ‘Crap Town?’ You be the judge...

Boston is one of 100 British towns and cities which have made the shortlist for the next Crap Towns book.

Crap Towns Returns - which will be published in October - is now asking its readers to help them whittle down the nominations to a final 50, which will appear in print.

Good, bad or crap? You decide.

Good, bad or crap? You decide.

The third book in the series follows suit, naming and shaming run-down places across Britain.

Boston is not the only place in Yellowbelly county to get the gloomy honour of a nomination, with Lincoln, Louth and Grimsby also among the candidates.

But what do you think?

Does living in Boston make you Blue Street, or does it fill you with Hope Gardens?

Perhaps our video, encompassing the good, bad and ugly of Boston can help you make up your mind?