VIDEO: Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick gives views on panel meeting

Lincolnshire Police can ‘continue to punch above its weight’ and is already ‘ahead of the game’, according to Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick.

Mr Hardwick, who was elected to the role in November, was speaking during Thursday’s Lincolnshire Police and Crime Panel meeting at Manby.

Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner Alan Hardwick.

Lincolnshire police and crime commissioner Alan Hardwick.

During the debate the panel gave their backing to Mr Hardwick’s proposed two per cent precept increase as well as his Police and Crime Plan.

During the near-three hour meeting, councillors representing every district and borough council in Lincolnshire grilled Mr Hardwick over the planned increase which will cost the average taxpayer an extra 6p per week.

Mr Hardwick, as well as Lincolnshire Police’s Chief Constable Neil Rhodes, explained how the force was at a ‘tipping point’ and had already squeezed every penny from their budgets.

In his Police and Crime Plan, which was voted through unanimously, the commissioner has pledged to keep 1,100 officers on the beat across the county, taking on another 23 in the near future.

He said he wanted ‘boots on the ground’ and promised to demonstrate that Lincolnshire Police was not ‘Lincoln central’.

Watch the video to hear some of Mr Hardwick’s thoughts after Thursday’s meeting, as well as what his vision for the county’s force is, and how he promises not to let rural areas become isolated.

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