VIDEO: Nine NHS staff treated for smoke inhalation following Pilgrim fire

Health workers at Plgrim Hospital had to be treated for smoke inhalation following a fire in the kitchen of ward 9A this morning (Friday).

Chief Operating Officer at United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust (ULHT) Mark Brassington confirmed nine NHS staff had to be treated at the Accident and Emergency Department and have now been discharged.

At its height, Eight fire crews attended the blaze, which broke out in a ward kitchen, at 5.59am this morning.

Mr Bassington praised NHS staff who were on holiday or on a day off who voluntary came into work without being asked.

Following a trust statement earlier today, he also reiterated plans which have been put in place while investigations are ongoing, including urging people not to attend accident and emergency unless absolutely necessary.

If it is not urgent, visit your GP or pharmacist, or call the 111 NHS line.

Appointments booked for Monday are still going ahead, unless patients hear otherwise. Some elective operations may be cancelled.

Earlier today, Matt King, group manager at Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue confirmed 25 patients had been evacuated from the ward.

They have been moved to a day centre as the trust and emergency services deal with the incident.

See the video above, courtesy of ULHT, for the full interview with Mr Brassington.