VIDEO: Peace rally in Boston

Members of different faiths and cultures came together in Boston yesterday to promote peace and condemn extremism and violence.

The peace rally, held at Centenary Methodist Church, brought the community together amid national tensions following the Paris terror attacks.

The Rev Neil Vickers giving a speech. Photo: Nicky Bostrom.

The Rev Neil Vickers giving a speech. Photo: Nicky Bostrom.

More than 200 members of the public attended the service which saw speakers from the Christian, Muslim and Roman Catholic faiths.

Six Park Primary School pupils also read words and poems promoting peace in several different languages.

Organiser Lyn Luxton said: “We had always planned to have an event that would bring the community together in a peaceful manner. After the appalling events in Paris, we realised that the time for that was now.

“The Boston Peace Event was a vibrant, celebration of peace, which included prayers and words from a variety of faiths and an incredible live performance from young Bostonians at Park Academy.”

Iman Khalid Razvi. Photo: Nicky Bostrom

Iman Khalid Razvi. Photo: Nicky Bostrom

Rev Neil Vickers from the Centenary Methodist Church started the proceedings, followed by Neal Mugglestone, senior pastor from Boston New Life Church and chairman of Churches Together in Boston. Imam Khalid Razvi, Imam and scholar travelled from Leicester to offer support from the Muslim community.

Father Alex Adkins from St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Aman Parvez from the Muslim community, the Rev Canon Alyson Buxton from the Stump and Major Mark Price from the Salvation Army all addressed the room.

Lyn added: “We were blown away by all of our speakers who all gave heart-warming, inspirational speeches.

“We all felt a lump in our throats as children read a message of peace, a message they wrote themselves at short notice.”

For more on this see next week’s Boston Standard newspaper.