VIDEO & PICTURE GALLERY: Oar-some time had with Dragon Boat Festival in Boston

Boston Dragon Boat Festival. Race action.
Boston Dragon Boat Festival. Race action.

The annual Boston Dragon Boat Festival, held at Witham Way Country Park, was a superb success on Sunday.

The event was open to everyone who had plenty of team spirit.

The crews had to battle it out over the 200m course, watched by crowds of spectators.

There were up to 10 people paddling in each crew. Every boat had a drummer at the front beating time and a helm at the tail steering a straight course.

The winning crew was the Aaron Services team.

As well as providing plenty of fun for both the 
crews and spectators, money was also raised for defibrillators to be placed around the town - although the final total is still to be calculated.

Dragon boats, qualified helms and all racing equipment was provided and every crew got to have at least three races.

A trophy was awarded to the winning crew and with medals for the top three crews.

There were also prizes for the crew who raised the most money and individuals who raised money for charity as well.

As the event was also an opportunity for people to get dressed up, naturally a prize was on hand for the ‘best dressed’ crew.