VIDEO: Police commissioner heaps praise on Boston’s flood recovery

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Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick has praised Boston for its strong community spirit in responding to the recent floods.

The commissioner took a look around the town last week following the events, and spoke with residents who had been affected by the natural disaster.

Alan Hardwick

Alan Hardwick

He said: “I have seen with my own eyes, what I consider to be one of the best examples of co-operation and emergency working I have ever seen.

“Nobody who has been affected by this is being ignored, people who have genuine needs are being dealt with very quickly and extremely efficiently.”

He said he had heard a number of emotional stories about how the community had come together to help each other.

The stories included one about a vulnerable man who was carried out of his house by an Eastern European neighbour he had never previously spoken to.

He also praised the forces he oversees, mentioning that several officers had come in on rest days and from other forces to help out.

He said: “Officers have responded well above and beyond the call of duty – beyond a shadow of a doubt.

“I know people who have had no or very little sleep since they started, people who have cancelled rest days and people who came in just in case they were needed.

“These officers put the community they serve before their own interests.”

He added the force were still working with the council to help people who needed it and would continue to do so.