VIDEO: Protests outside Boston Post Office

Staff and union members have been protesting outside Boston’s main Post Office in Wide Bargate against the possible closure and relocation of the branch.

The group, which included the Communications Workers Union representative for East Anglia Tim Pavelin, handed out leaflets and asked people to contact local and post office leaders to argue against the possible closure.

Protesters outside the post office. DJ

Protesters outside the post office. DJ

Post Office bosses are looking at possibly moving the services into another shop in the town in a cost-cutting move.

Mr Pavelin said: “We’re taking a legitimately valeted industrial action trying to bring to the public of Boston trying to make them aware what the post office’s plans are.

“We’ve got trained staff here who give a dedicated service, they are employed directly by post office and have a high standard and job knowledge.”

He also raised concerns that once the post office is gone the building it is currently in, which was purpose built for the Post office, could stand empty or boarded up.

The Standard is running a petition to save the post office and is asking people to sign it online or by visiting our office on 5-6 Church Lane, Boston, PE21 6ND.