Video: Santa surprise for brave tot Logan

Christmas came early for Logan Skinner with Santa making a special surprise delivery to the youngster who earlier this year was diagnosed with leukaemia.

He was handed a battery powered quad-bike, kindly donated by a Boston woman who contacted The Standard in her search for a worthy recipient of the toy.

Father Christmas presenting a quad bike to Logan

Father Christmas presenting a quad bike to Logan

Dina Leedle won the bike on a raffle at her grandchildren’s school and on Friday she joined Father Christmas to present the brave three-year-old with his gift.

Dina said: “I hope it will help him have a good Christmas.”

The past few weeks have been particularly hard for Logan, as his immune system has been very low, and he has been unable to see his mum, who has been unwell.

He also has to be kept away from his twin brother Regan to make sure he does not catch an infection.

His grandad Julian Thompson said: “It’s a bolt out of theblue.He’s not had much to smile about recently. It’s great.”

The Standard would like to thank Boston Lions who managed to get hold of Santa for us.