VIDEO: The challenges of being disabled

A group of able-bodied people found out the challenges of being disabled in Boston last week.

Boston Disability Forum took a group of people including the Mayor of Boston and other town dignitaries on a walk around the Market Place wearing and using equipment that simulated various ailments.

Boston Disability Forum

Boston Disability Forum

Organiser Mary Fixter said: “I have been walking with one person who’s been blind, and he was petrified. He didn’t like it but he stuck with it.”

The group started at Age Concern, and walked down Strait Bargate and into the Market Place where Guide Dogs for the Blind were also set up with a sensory room, which simulates the dangers blind people face.

Adam Sausby-Gallimore, 33, a trainer at Nacro, was blind and deaf and at one point was left on his own.

He said: “It’s quite lonely, I’ve been left here to stand and I don’t know what’s going on.

“The concept of how far we have come has thrown me completely. I thought we were a lot farther on than we have come.”

They then carried on round the market past Boots, down past George’s Tea Room and down Church Lane before crossing St Botolph’s Bridge to carry on the rest of their journey.

Mayor of Boston Alison Austin was only able to see in one direction and at one point nearly walked into a scooter.

She said: “It was confusing especially because my mind was thinking ‘what am I supposed to be thinking and doing?’”