VIDEO UPDATE: Leg amputation hasn’t slowed down ‘Red’ the dog

Red the dog following his amputation
Red the dog following his amputation

A video showing a dog, previously abandoned with a broken leg, racing around on three legs has been released by the RSPCA.

As previously reported by the Standard, Red the greyhound cross was left tied up to a bush in Boston with a broken leg.

The animal was rescued by a local resident who spotted him in distress - and later taken into care with the RSPCA. But not before having to have his leg amputated by a vet.

The RSPCA’s Lincolnshire East branch posted the video to their Facebook group showing the dog happily racing around - less than four weeks after his ordeal.

It is believed the plucky pooch was dumped by hare coursers after his leg injury rendered him useless to their illegal activities.

He will be looking for a new home in the coming weeks - however the RSPCA is now appealing for help to cover the costs of his treatment, now standing at £1,000.

A spokesman said: “RSPCA Lincs East is a local branch, run by volunteers, and as such we have to fundraise to be able to look after the animals in our care.

“Red’s treatment has cost over £1,000 to date and still rising. This is a large chunk out of our annual income.

“He is doing really well. He is a happy boy, full of life and coping well after having his leg amputated. He finds it easier to go fast, walking slowly is more difficult as he has to concentrate on his balance.

They added: “Red was probably being used for illegal hare coursing when he broke his front leg. Instead of getting him the care he needed the people who had Red left him in the middle of nowhere, with a broken leg, tied so tightly to a tree that if he had lay down he would have strangled himself. Red was incredibly lucky that someone found him before he was too exhausted to stand any longer.”

If you can donate anything to help with the cost of Red’s care visit the branch’s website.