Volunteer is given a ‘new lease of life’

Trevor Turner working at the community shed garden in Boston.
Trevor Turner working at the community shed garden in Boston.

A father-of-three from Boston is singing the praises of volunteering in the local community after his role gave him ‘a new lease of life’.

Trevor Turner, 52, was out of work for a number of years due to illness - but recently began job seeking again.

He made an appointment with Lincolnshire Community Voluntary Service (LCVS) and found out about the London Road community shed - which is full of equipment to clean up community areas.

Trevor now spends three days a week tackling grot spots in and around London Road.

“I am really enjoying it,” he said. “I just like making the place nice and tidy.”

Trevor has already tamed the overgrown area around the shed and tackled a patch of land close to the petrol station opposite. He is also taking it upon himself to keep the area around his home in Peck Avenue free of litter. He goes out about once a week and collects up to two bags of litter from the surrounding area.

Jody Raggo, secretary of the Neighbourhood Action Group and LCVS volunteering officer, said: “You can already see the difference Trevor has made. It’s just amazing what a couple of days volunteering can do for an area.”

LCVS volunteering officers have access to details of hundreds of volunteering opportunities in the local area. They have the time and enthusiasm to match individuals to their ideal roles whether they have one hour to spare every now and again or a number of days per week.

There are roles in caring, administration, working with animals, technology, DIY and much more.

For more details about how you can help by volunteering some of your time call Boston LCVS Volunteer Centre on 01205 365588 or email vb@lincolnshirecvs.org.uk