Volunteers help others to grow

New community garden in Boston's Central Park.
New community garden in Boston's Central Park.

A NEW project is looking to plant its seed in the county by recruiting a growing number of volunteers.

Grow your own enthusiasts around Boston are being sought to become ‘master gardeners’ - giving advice and support to people and groups growing food in their area.

The Lincolnshire Master Gardener programme has been developed alongside Boston Borough and East Lindsey District Councils and is a volunteer network supporting local people and communities to grow fruit and vegetables in their gardens and on communal land.

It involves the creation of a number of community gardens including one in Central Park, Boston.

Co-ordinator Rick Aron said: “They help people and volunteers out, by either giving advice or going out to see them, however they feel comfortable.

“If they find they need a closer look then we can cover the expenses for them going on that trip.”

Volunteers will receive support from their co-ordinator including one-to-one guidance, resources, regular updates, training, newsletters and factsheets.

In return they will be asked for at least 30 hours of volunteering a year at a time and place that suits them.

They will also report back to the co-ordinator and website with their hours, activities, successes, and problems and will have access to a wider network of volunteers.

The next opportunity to become a master gardener is on April 16 and 17.

l Information: www.lincolnshire.mastergardeners.org.uk, call 07584 474779 or email raron@gardenorganic.org.yk