Vote due for protest march

FRUSTRATED anti-immigration campaigners are set to go to the vote to decide whether to march for their cause later in the year.

Organisers of last year’s aborted protest march said they feel as if they are ‘banging their heads against a brick wall’ while waiting for Boston Borough Council to complete its inquiry into the impact of immigration, and have called for action to address issues in the area.

But councillors insist they are listening and called for protestors to let their inquiry run to the end.

Campaigners are due to hold a public meeting on Monday to discuss re-scheduling the controversial event and hold a vote to discover what people want. Organiser Dean Everitt said he thinks most of his supporters are leaning towards wanting to march at the moment.

He said: “Stuff’s happening at the moment that makes you believe that things are not going to change until something is done.

“We have gone down the route of the council and done everything they have said but we have just banged our heads against a brick wall.

“We have done everything the right way so far, we don’t want to go down this route but it feels like it is the only option left for us.”

The march had been due to take place last November, but it was called off after the council said it would look into the issue.

The final meeting of the inquiry is due to take place today (Wednesday), after which the council will compile a report to support a bid for increased government funding for the area.

Inquiry chairman Coun Paul Kenny and council leader Coun Peter Bedford have been invited to Monday’s meeting, which will take place at the Assembly Rooms at 7.30pm.

Coun Kenny said: “At this stage I am slightly unclear about what they want us to do.

“We admit that there’s an issue with the population but we haven’t started to collate and put the information together to make recommendations.

“I would like to hear from them about what they really want from this. Give us five things that they think we ought to have as recommendations.

“They are accusing us of not listening but we are listening.”

The meeting had been due to take place on Thursday in another location, but it was re-scheduled so it could take place in the Assembly Rooms.