Wartime marriage lasts for 70 years

Jim and Alma of Boston have celebrated a staggering 70 years of marriage. DD
Jim and Alma of Boston have celebrated a staggering 70 years of marriage. DD

A MARRIAGE that survived a Second World War bombing has been celebrated by a Boston couple.

Alma and Jim Skinner, of Windsor Bank, have celebrated a staggering 70 years of marriage – their platinum anniversary.

Alma, 90, and Jim, 94, married at the Stump in 1941 and their memories of the war include taking refuge together in a dyke when Boston was bombed.

“We met at a bus stop in town,” said Alma. “Jim was getting off the bus from Old leake where he lived as I walked past and we looked at each other and I thought ‘he’s alright’ – so we got talking and went from there.”

This was 1937 and Alma and Jim began dating and going on regular double dates with friends to the old Scala theatre in town.

“When we got married we only had £13 in the bank,” said Alma. “Everything was rationed so there was no food for a reception and I had to use clothing coupons on my dress, which my aunt made. It was still a lovely day thought –- the weather was similar to how it is this week.”

Alma has vivid memories of their time together during the war, when she worked in a canning factory and Jim worked on the land.

“We were walking along Station Road when the bomb fell on James Street and we had to jump into a dyke to take cover,” she said. “I remember the grass wafting around us – it was frightening and I later found out two of my schoolfriends were killed in a house there.”

Having lived through so many decades the couple say they have seen things change dramatically over the years.

Alma said: “People helped their neighbours out back then, but you don’t really get that now. We’ve just had to learn to go ahead with the times.”

The couple celebrated their big day last Tuesday with a family meal out. They have two children, Angela and Malcolm, four grandchildren, five great-granchildren and eight adopted great grandchildren.