Watery Lane turns ‘muddy’

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BUTTERWICK’S Watery Lane should perhaps be renamed ‘Muddy Lane’ if this picture is anything to go by.

The image was sent in to us by concerned resident Patricia Daines who said she and her neighbours are ‘fed up’ with mud being dropped by tractors along there. “It’s a total mess,” she said. “You can only get one car along here at a time and I’m worried before long someone will end up skidding head-first into one of the dykes.”

Mrs Daines said the road had been ‘practically cut off’ to traffic by the mud and was so concerned she rang her local postman to warn him of the ‘dangers’. Police were also called out and spoke with a local agricultural company who said they would sweep the mud off the lane.

A spokesman for Lincolnshiore Police told The Standard: “It is unfortunately inevitable that farming does result in muddy roads especially at this time of year. However, most farmers do clear up after themselves and I hope this will be the case in this instance.

“Failure to do this falls under Road Traffic Act offences but could also open up other cans of worms if a motorist was in a collision as a result of the mud.”

They added: “In the meantime, I advise motorists to drive with caution and again remind residents that should the problem persist to inform the police.”