‘We are not selling the business’ – brewery owner moves to dispel ‘rumours’

Bateman's Brewery ENGEMN00120120110170540
Bateman's Brewery ENGEMN00120120110170540

A family-brewery in Lincolnshire has moved to nip rumours that it is to be sold to ‘external stakeholder’ in the bud by reaffirming its ownership of the business.

Stuart Bateman, managing director at Batemans Brewery, has moved to confirm there are no plans to sell the business.

A spokesman told the Standard the business had received several enquiries about whether they were to be sold.

However, Mr Bateman said: “Batemans is a proud family firm and we believe it always will be.

“The last generation of the Bateman family spent three years in the mid-1980s fighting to keep it an independent family brewery, rather than cashing in and giving up, and this is how we will continue.

“Our fifth generation is already supporting the business during the school holidays, in preparation to lead the brewery themselves one day.”

“Batemans brewery is in no way looking to be sold to an external stakeholder, and we want to reassure any of our customers or tenants who may heard, and been concerned by, any rumours. While the market remains challenging, 2016 is a very exciting year for us, as we have plans to acquire new sites to join our recent acquisition near Rotherham, as well as a comprehensive investment programme for our existing pubs.

“The development of our sales team last month will also prove key to our ongoing success; we expect our forecasted trade to increase by around ten per cent as a result of this.”

Bateman’s Brewery is based in Wainfleet and was established in 1874.