‘We are open’ says Butterfly Hospice chief

THIS week’s update comes from Butterfly Hospice chief execuitive Judi Bryne...

The most common question put to me is ‘when will the hospice be open?’

My answer is that we are open, and that the hospice is the base for staff, volunteers, and healthcare professionals who are focussed on two very important projects.

Completion of this work is essential to enable us to provide care for patients:

1. Registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC)

Like all healthcare providers we are required to register our services with the CQC as the national regulatory body. Our compliance with these government standards is compulsory and we are working our way through the self-assessment process in preparation for registration.

2. Discussions with NHS Commissioners and Healthcare Providers

As with all hospices it is vital that we are commissioned by the NHS. This enables us to have an agreement to provide care for patients as part of the wider healthcare community. As many of you may have read in the newspapers or seen on TV, the NHS has been undergoing a significant change in organisational structure, and has to make savings of £20 billion by 2014. Both of these issues have impacted on our ability to take forward plans to start services.

Taking all this into account, much has been achieved in a very short period of time. Our new strategic plan sets our direction and focus for the next three years. We are determined to overcome whatever challenges we have to face to achieve our vision of access, quality and choice in palliative and end-of-life care for patients in our community.