We’re the best for Christmas dinner

Andrew Dennis of Woodlands Organic Farm
Andrew Dennis of Woodlands Organic Farm

Boston borough has been selected as one of the best places in the country to get all you need for Christmas by a national supermarket chain.

Staff at Waitrose chose the fields of Lincolnshire as the prime plots from which to take you from ‘field to fork’ for the festive season.

Farms in Butterwick, Fishtoft and Wyberton have been picked as the best places to get potatoes and vegetables of those used to supply the supermarket.

Richard Hardy Vegetables, based at Willoughby Road, in Fishtoft, was selected as the top place to provide Maris Piper potatoes to make the perfect roast spud.

He said: “Lincolnshire isn’t everybody’s cup of tea; some people find its never-ending horizon and massive skies quite daunting. But its flatness makes it great for farming.”

Wyberton farmer John Clubb, who was featured for his carrots, said the reason crops were so successful in this area was because farmers respected the fact that the area benefited from some of the best soil in Britain.

The best Brussels sprouts chosen were grown by Christian Maltby, from Butterwick.

He told the magazine that almost a quarter of all the sprouts he sells throughout the year are in December.

Kirton-based farmer Andrew Dennis, who rears turkeys and grows vegetables, said he agreed that Lincolnshire was an excellent place for growing, owing to its ‘wonderful soils’.

However, he said this year had been particularly challenging for his turkeys, adding: “The cold wet weather put the birds ‘off lay’, thus reducing the number of eggs laid. But on the other hand the turkey have finished very well.

“They’re slightly heavier this year than last.”