Weasel family spotted at site

One of the baby weasels
One of the baby weasels

The rare sighting of a family of weasels delighted a couple of wildlife lovers visiting RSPB Frampton Marsh recently.

While strolling along 
footpaths at the site, Daphne and Nigel Simpson, from Frampton, spotted four baby weasels, called ‘kits,’ and an adult, just inches from where they were standing.

The mother took two of her offspring into the nearby undergrowth but the other two remained in sight for a few seconds.

Mrs Simpson managed to get a picture of the litter before they disappeared.

“It really was a special sight and they are beautiful creatures,” she said.

“We’d been hoping to see lots of wildlife but we never imagined we’d get to see baby weasels. They really did have the ‘ahhh factor’”

The RSPB says weasel kits are very elusive are notoriously hard to see as their nests are usually well out of sight and hidden away in crevices, tree roots and abandoned burrows.

A spokeman for the RSBP said: “They are also incredibly small - weasels are the UK’s smallest mustelid, a group of carnivorous mammals, and adults grow no larger than twelve inches from nose to tail tip.”

Murray Brown, volunteer visitor experience intern at RSPB Frampton Marsh, said: “We give all kinds of wildlife a home and see great creatures on site every day; birds like owls, turtle doves, geese and kingfishers and other creatures like hares, grass snakes and water voles.

“We knew we had weasels but I can honestly say I have never seen the kits – I wish I had and I will now be keeping my eyes peeled.”

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