WAINFLEET FLOODING: 270 tonnes of aggregate used to plug breach in river

A major RAF operation to plug a breach in the River Steeping has been hailed 'a success'.

Saturday, 15th June 2019, 8:19 am
A major operation by the RAF to breach the gap in the River Steeping has been hailed a success.

Police confirmed at 11pm last night that he RAF had repaired the breach and water levels were slowly reducing.

Two chinook helicopters worked for more than 24 hours dropping 270 1x tonnes of aggregate where the river burst its banks on Wednesday, flooding more than 80 homes in Wainfleet and causing the evacuation of many more.

Earlier Ian Reed, head of Emergency Planning in Lincolnshire, told the BBC: "We're confident that we are definitely seeing a change and whilst water levels are not going to go down really quickly, it is helping and it's doing exactly whar we wanted it to do.

"So that operation has been a success.

"It;s a temporary measure but it did what we wanted it to do."

As the clean-up operation begins, police have urged evacuated residents not to return to their homes until they are told it is safe,

East Lindsey District Council have also given an update of the situation:

- There is a marked improvement in the breach and can be described as 50% better

- There is another 100 tonnes going into the breach

- All emergency services are at the scene

- All pumping stations are working well

- An improving weather picture moving into the weekend

A Community Information Point has been set up at Coronation Hall on High Street, Wainfleet, for Saturday, Sunday and Monday between 9am and 5pm, as a place where residents can go if they need advice and support following the flooding.

The Rest Centre in Skegness has now moved to the Richmond School.

ELDC Housing and Wellbeing teams will be there to offer help and advice with a warm cup of tea.

Two ELDC vehicles will be in Wainfleet tomorrow (Saturday June 15) between 10am and 2pm to take away flood damaged items.

The vehicles will be parked as close to Brewster Lane/Matt Pits Lane as the emergency services allow. People who have been affected by the flooding can bring any items that need disposing of if the road is clear, we would not advise you try to bring items through flood water.

It is advisable to check with insurance companies before removing anything, and to take photographs of any damaged items preferably in situ if safe to do so.

For the latest news and updates, please visit www.e-lindsey.gov.uk/Flood2019