Were you in the Zion Summer Club in 1987? Find out more in our nostalgia column!

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15 years ago...1997

FULLY-nude American table dancing was coming to Boston – but the ‘gentlemen’s entertainment’ with ‘page three pin-ups’ would definitely not be sleazy, said its promoter. Attractive waitresses were to deliver saucily-named cocktails such as bare temptation, sweet sensation, greedy gobbler and deadly weapon to the tables at Powerhouse, in Sibsey Lane. Promoter Stevie Robb. “You know it’s not sleazy when someone like Peter Stringfellow is involved in the same thing.”

l A MEDICAL team from Nottingham City Hospital had a special appointment in Bicker – but there was no emergency. Doctors, nurses and other hospital colleagues were to see Jodi Stukins, whose life they helped to save more than 10 years previously, was to marry her childhood sweetheart Simon Smith, at St Swithin’s Church. Jodi, 21, was just a wisp of a girl when she captured the hearts of local people as surgeons at Nottingham battled to save her with a kidney transplant.

l A BOSTON woman, injured after falling down a 10ft drop, while trying to clean her windows was rescued – by a window cleaner.

Self-employed window cleaner Wayne Chadwick heard the woman’s cried for help from Witham Bank West near to where he was working and went to help. He said he was appalled when he got there as some people appeared to be standing around doing nothing. The woman had only been living in the flat for a few days, but had been trying to clean a window herself when she slipped and fell. “She was shouting ‘help me’,” Mr Chadwick said: “It was obvious she had broken her ankle and there was blood on the other leg.” The emergency services arrived and it took six firefighters to lift the woman out of the small space.

l Reg Stanton struggled to get to the top of the mammoth sunflower he grew in his Butterwick garden. The towering 12ft-high flower was planted next to a compost heap and Reg attributed its splendid growth to this position. The 82-year-old said he had been gardening for 60 years but never grew anything as impressive before.

25 years ago...1987

BOSTON’S council-owned dock was facing a possible sell-off to fund massive redevelopment costs.

Councillors on the docks committee voted in principle to recommend privatisation of the port.

l RESOLUTE Wigtoft residents won their battle in their long-running war against a poultry development in their village. Boston borough councillors turned down an application to site five chicken broiler houses in Mill Farm.

The units would have contained up to 30,000 birds and the site was to produce 333 tons of dry manure every seven weeks.

Residents said the smell would be intolerable and such a development would create noise, vermin and traffic problems.

PICTURED: Children enjoyed summer holiday activities at Zion summer club in Brothertoft Road, Boston. The theme of the club was Postman Pat and the youngsters got to make their own hats to look like the cartoon character.

35 years ago...1977

DAY trippers to Boston Guildhall Museum were locked inside the building after an exhibit went missing.

The prompt action was taken by Guildhall staff after an attendant noticed a bronze gill measure was missing and locked the premises until the police arrived.

All those inside were eliminated from police enquiries with officers saying they were looking for three tourists who visited the museum earlier that day.

l A SIBSEY man was awarded a resuscitation certificate by the Royal Humane Society for his part in saving a young boy from drowning.

William Valentine, 41, of St Margaret’s Drive, revived the boy aged about six, after he was helped out of a swimming pool in Majorca.

The boy was seen lying face down, and his face had gone blue.

Mr Valentine carried out some elementary resuscitation by pressing down on his back until he spluttered and showed signs of life.

l GYPSY caravans was to be the next topic of discussion at Fishtoft Parish Council.

Several gypsy caravans were parked illegally on the lay-by near the Ball House pub on Wainfleet Road.

l These barrels provided lots of fun for Kirton children at the play scheme with a variety of activities including sports and crafts.

Pictured in the barrels are Dale Burton, left, and Dean Blakey.

45 years ago...1967

A LORRY laden with crates careered through the gardens of 64 and 65, Horncastle Road, demolishing the doors of both houses, smashing windows and drainpipe.

The driver of the lorry, a local man, was taken to hospital suffering from shock. Both occupants of the houses were luckily at work when the accident happened, and no injuries were reported.

The cause of the crash was not reported.

l PROTESTS about flight paths for aircraft on practise runs were sent to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) from Old Leake parish council.

The council’s eight members unanimously agreed to urge the MOD to divert the route – an air force run-in to the Wainfleet bombing range.

The council complained there was almost daily aircraft noise.

l BOSTON school teacher Mr L. A. Hornby, of Allington Gardens, was busy collecting signatures for a petition for the

re-introduction of the death penalty for murder.

He said it was being received very well as most people he had approached had agreed to sign it.

The purpose of the petition, he said, was to convince parliament that British people were overwhelmingly in favour of bringing back capital punishment.