‘What a waste!’ Residents angry after being issued with multiple stickers for brown bins

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Angry Boston residents have contacted The Standard after receiving multiple stickers for their brown bins.

Green-fingered residents pay £30 a year to have their bins collected and in order for refuse collectors to identify those who have paid they are issued with stickers to place on the bins.

But there are incidents of people receiving up to 12 copies of the stickers.

One resident wrote to us to say: “Two weeks ago I paid the fee to have my brown garden waste bin emptied and received the bin sticker and eight double sides of printed pages of information to go with it. Fine – I stuck the sticker on my bin and acknowledged the recite.

“On Thursday, I received another three bin stickers and another three times eight double sides of printed information. I rang the council and was told that this was an error by the people sending out the information.

“Today I received another full set!”

Another resident wrote to say: “Today we received our sixth all dated the same. Talk of waste! What a waste of money also.”

Boston Borough Council has issued a statement via its website.

It reads: “We are aware that some of our garden waste customers have received multiple yellow stickers in the post. This is due to a system fault that has now been corrected.

“Those who are able to return the stickers please do so, if you are unable to do this please destroy the extra stickers

“Customers who have received multiple yellow stickers will only be charged for the service they have requested.

“For those customers concerned about stickers being passed on to non-subscribers, our in-cab systems will show the correct amount of services for each property and we have a log of those customers that have received extra service stickers.”