Woman who came to UK for better life and job ends up shoplifting

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A woman who came to this country just four months ago for a better life and a job, found she was earning much less than she had expected, a court was told as she found herself before magistrates for shoplifting.

Irena Parsuto, 44, of Tunnard Street, Boston, admitted two charges of shoplifting when she appeared at court on Wednesday.

The court was told that on January 3 she was caught in Sports Direct after an alarm alerted staff she had stolen some socks and a search of her bags found she had also stolen a pair of jeans and a handbag from TK Maxx.

Mitigating, Beris Brickles said she had been in the country since last September and it was her first appearance in court, although she had previously been cautioned.

He said they were unsophisticated crimes and all the goods were recovered.

He said she had come to court expecting to be sent to prison and was ‘very embarrassed and saddened’ at having to be there.

He said she had come on the promise of a better life and employment but this had produced much less income than she had expected and she was presently not working at all, although she was booked with an agency.

He said she had struggled to buy Christmas gifts for her family in Russia but had wanted to make a contribution.

The magistrates said they understood she was in a ‘difficult situation’ but imposed a 12 month conditional discharge and ordered her to pay £60 in costs and charges.