Wool this art help in-bloom competiton?

Sheep on the Wide Bargate roundabout
Sheep on the Wide Bargate roundabout

Has this baa-rmy piece of art caught your attention while driving round Boston recently?

Wooden silhouetted cut-outs of a shepherd with his flock of sheep - including lambs - have appeared on the centre green of Bargate roundabout.

The sculptures have been donated to the town by businessman Garth Isaac, and it is hoped they will do their bit for this year’s Boston in Bloom effort.

They are inspired by similar sculptures of horses and ponies in Horncastle.

Mr Isaac said: “I wanted to highlight the importance of the wool industry to Boston. Trade in fleeces at one time made our port second only in size and importance to the Port of London.

“The trade in our wool exports and imports of luxury goods from the Hanseatic countries across the North Sea was immense.

“It led to Boston’s prosperity and the reason why we have such grand buildings as St Botolph’s Church (The Stump) and the Guildhall.”

Mr Isaac praised his creative team, who modelled the sheep on Longwools kept at HM Prison North Sea Camp, in Freiston Shore as well as taking inspiration from a water colour painting showing sheep grazing in the area before it became the busy junction of John Adams Way, Spilsby Road, 
Horncastle Road and Wide Bargate.

The current wooden templates will be replaced with more durable cut-outs in steel plate.

Graphic designer, Jocelyn Lawman, who has recently returned to Boston with her family, completed the designs and Tim Sergeant did the cutting out.