Work starts at Bicker Fen as part of Triton Knoll windfarm scheme

An offshore wind farm
An offshore wind farm

Work at the Bicker Fen substation near Boston, which is part of the huge Triton Knoll offshore wind farm development, got underway on Monday.

The construction work is part of Innogy Renewables plan to connect new low-carbon energy supplies from Triton Knoll to the National Grid.

Set to last until February 2020, the work is likely to cause disruption to nearby communities.

But Boston Borough Council says a strict traffic plan is in place to keep that disruption to a minimum.

The plan includes a construction traffic marshalling system and imposes speed limits on construction traffic, with the aim being that all construction vehicles will bypass Bicker village.

And in a statement on its website, the council says a zero-tolerance approach will be taken to contractors or staff who don't follow the traffic plan.

Heavy goods vehicles to and from the substation site will clearly display a National Grid sign in the windscreen.

Residents are encouraged to call the community relations line with details of any vehicles suspected of breaking the traffic management plan.

Find out more at or call the community relations team on 0800 073 1047, available daily 7am to 7pm.