Work to repair potholes in two borough roads

TWO roads in Boston borough are to be resurfaced and potholes filled in time for winter.

Lincolnshire County Council are repairing 42 ‘priority roads’ around the county in an attempt to give motorists a pothole free start to winter.

Surfacing work is to take place at Kingsway in Boston, and patching and surfacing treatment at Wrangle, from Wrangle Lowgate to Sea Lane.

Paul Coathup, assistant director highways and transportation said: “While potholes are a reality of life that we can never fully prevent, our teams have been working flat out to combat them during this warmer period. Members protected road maintenance funds in the budget and extra money from the Government has also been put to good use.”

Some of the work has already started and been completed.

The new works, expected to begin in autumn, are in addition to the council’s ongoing work to repair the county’s potholes.