WORKING FOR YOU AT CHRISTMAS: Putting on a dinner for those who would go without

Major Mark Price
Major Mark Price

At Boston’s Salvation Army Citadel, church leaders, members and volunteers spend Christmas Day putting on a festive meal for those who would perhaps otherwise go without.

Work for the occasion begins on Christmas Eve, with preparations continuing from about 7.30am on Christmas Day.

Major Mark Price, from the church, said the event is aimed at a range of people in need - whether they be homeless, elderly or just spending Christmas alone this year.

Of the importance of the event to the church, he said: “As Christians, we feel it’s right to be able to support and help people who perhaps won’t be having an enjoyable Christmas because they will be alone or not able to prepare themselves any food.”

The citadel is able to cater for up to 60 people for the meal, which is preceded by a service. Carols are also sung as part of the day.

Major Price said: “Personally, I feel as if I have been able to help people who either would have spent the day having a soup and a couple of slices of toast, and have been able to give them a lovely Christmas meal and also fun and fellowship.”

He added: “People feel as if they are being spoilt, that people really care about them.”