Wyberton pensioner passes her driving test at age of 76


A SEVENTY-six-year-old Boston woman has passed her driving test – on her third try.

Patricia Bradbury, of West End Road, Wyberton, decided to learn to drive after her husband passed away five years ago.

She previously held a driving licence but had only ever used it as identification and chose to travel with neighbours and friends.

However, while out with a friend one day Mrs Bradbury saw a black and white Smart car and was instantly attracted.

She said: “I thought it was nice but thought ‘you silly girl, you can’t drive’.

“But after, they seemed to be popping up all over, and I kept thinking, where are they all coming from?”

She finally decided she must have one and bought a black Smart car, calling it Daisy... but then she needed to learn to drive.

First, she tried driving a manual car, however she couldn’t get used to it and after failing her first test was put onto Ed Pickersgill at Automatic 1st Choice.

She said: “There’s less to think about in an automatic. I was stalling a lot in a manual which I didn’t get in an automatic.”

She passed at the second time of asking in the automatic - failing the first for hitting the curb - after just 20 hours of lessons.

Mr Pickersgill said: “After 70, I think most people give their licences back so to pass is quite an achievement.”

Now, Mrs Bradbury can drive to the shops and back and potter about in her Daisy and she’s enjoying the convenience of it.”

Mrs Bradbury added: “Where it used to take 10 minutes to walk somewhere it would probably take half an hour now, so having a car makes a lot of difference.”