You views wanted over Boston borough’s future

The Boston Borough Council building.
The Boston Borough Council building.

Boston Borough Council is refreshing its main priorities and wants to hear your views of what you think is important for the town and borough.

It has published its draft corporate plan, laying out its main aims and objectives, and is inviting comments on the document.

It sets out a broad framework for what the council will aim to achieve up to the end of the life of the current administration in 2019/20.

The authority says it has been formulated in the knowledge that the council faces severe cuts in Government funding and focuses on main services which are a priority for residents.

Main elements are promotion and support for investment, business development and growth,housing growth and development of tourism, heritage and cultural opportunities; support and protect the most vulnerable; making Boston a safe place to live with quality of life for residents; continuing to provide essential public services.

The way in which the council proposes meeting these objectives are detailed in the draft plan. The Corporate Plan can be found at Public consultation will run until Friday, September 9. If you would like to submit your views email your comments to