Youngsters praised for good behaviour during school summer holidays

PCSO Paul Lote, with Michelle Bramwell, 14, and Chloe Robinson, 14. NA
PCSO Paul Lote, with Michelle Bramwell, 14, and Chloe Robinson, 14. NA

Young people in Boston have been praised for being on their best behaviour during the school holidays, with anti-social behaviour not as high as normal.

PCSO Paul Lote, whose beat covers the Fenside area, said there is usually a rise in incidents involving young people during the school holidays they have been ‘good as gold’ this year.

He added he hasn’t even encountered the usual problem of kids jumping in the rivers in the good weather much.

He said: “Normally school holidays start and you think, ‘here we go again’, but they’ve been brilliant.”

There are no figures available to compare the last two years but the officer said the change has been clearly seen.

He put it down to officers spending time on the beat getting to know young people and work done with youth clubs and community groups .

He stressedthe police and partners are including youngsters in litter picks (sometimes with a McDonalds after) and are looking to install a new sports pitch in the area.

The Standard, with PCSO Paul Lote, spoke to a couple of youngsters from the Fenside area about why they thought anti-social behaviour was down.

Michelle Bramwell, 14, thought that maybe the naughty ones had grown up or left the area. She also added there was more to do now.

Chloe Robinson, 14, felt people were not ‘hanging round’ with ringleaders who encouraged others to misbehave.