Your chance to be a movie star in action thriller

Actor Steph Genovese ANL-150326-104551001
Actor Steph Genovese ANL-150326-104551001
  • Film to be shot around Spalding, Holbeach and Boston

An actor is hoping his latest project to shoot a film in South Holland will give local people the chance to get involved and put the town on the map.

Steph Genovese is the writer, producer, director and lead actor in action/thriller Dishonoured, set to start filming in and around Spalding, Holbeach and Boston in the coming months.

Meg McPartlin

Meg McPartlin

He decided to write his own film so he could give himself a break and help others get involved in the industry too, without having to travel to London.

Casting for the exciting production has just begun, and Steph, who has worked as an extra and on shows including Sky Atlantic’s Fortitude and the forthcoming Pan movie starring Hugh Jackman, is also in the process of securing locations and funding for the film, which so far has all been done voluntarily.

“When it comes to acting, the competition is ridiculous, plus you have to travel down to London all the time,” said Steph, of Holbeach, who works as a radio and mobile DJ when he’s not acting.

“So I’ve written my own script, I’ve got some cameras and equipment and now I’m looking to give other people the opportunity to be involved, whether that be in front of the cameras, or behind the scenes.

I just want to give people a chance to have a go at being in a film

Actor Steph Genovese

“I’ve set up a Facebook page appealing for people to come forward, and so far we’ve had around 400 – there’s a lot of interest. We’ve got a professional camera man and a sound recordist on board so we can make a professional looking film.”

Dishonoured is the story of John Venonesser, a former UK secret services agent who was dishonourably discharged after disobeying a direct order from Downing Street. He is left with nothing, and after becoming a recluse for several years is forced out of retirement when his only friend mistakenly gets sucked into the world of a viscous mob renowned for human trafficking, slavery and forced prostitution.

Singer/songwriter Meg McPartlin is also involved, writing songs for the soundtrack, while a choir has also shown interest in taking part.

Steph is currently seeking specific locations for scenes including a pub interior and is also keen to hear from anyone interested in supporting the film financially.

Dishnoured will be shot around Spalding, Holbeach and Boston ANL-150326-104541001

Dishnoured will be shot around Spalding, Holbeach and Boston ANL-150326-104541001

“I just want to give people a chance to have a go at being in a film – and hopefully, if we get the right people, we can put Holbeach on the map.

“It will mean people don’t have to travel down to London and then, hopefully, others will start coming to us – we can be the new Hollywood!

“Joking aside, if it goes well, I’d like to do more – horror, romances, action and if we can sell it, then all the money will go back into future productions.”

* Anyone interested in getting involved in front of the camera, behind the scenes, with funding or possible locations can contact Steph via the Dishonoured Facebook page – or by calling him on 07919400234.